Eating Shit Like

Brown Meal For Hungry Losers (hd 720p)

Hi, dear shitlovers, have you already eaten? No? Well, no problem: I’ll take care of it! So, I fill this pot with my fresh poop: don’t complain anymore, it’all for you! I hate people who complain about everything. What a good smell! If my shit smells so good, I can’t even imagine how can be its taste! What about its taste? Simply wonderful! If this is not enough… please, lick my asshole and you’ll find more!

2 Mistresses Use Their Slaves For Dirty Pleasures

In this movie two different mistresses humiliate their slaves differently. One of them love to stretch slaves assholes and she using any kind of toys, hands, strapons to can dilate the anus of her slave. Other one is a hard domina, who didn’t accept anything else but full consuming her shit ! She put her slave to keep a glass and shit in that. After that she feeding her toilet slave until not remain anything inside glass. All her shit was swallowed into her toilet slave stomach and she enjoy it every second.

Sneaker In Toilet! Big Boooom!

my sneakers in the toilet! accompany me, I feel them perfectly! My pieces are falling with great speed into the bucket, is loooooud and juicy