Eating Shit On Floor

Exclusive Shit! Princess Mia – Humiliations

1.Scat Kiss Ass Smearing Bondage2.Scat.Toilet Slavery.Lick ass.SmearingThe girl feeds her dog with her delicious shit. She places him on his knees, ties his hands; she lies on a table in front of him and undresses opening her vagina and ass. First, she makes him lick between her legs. She groans and smiles, getting nice feelings because of his humiliation. Then she shits into his mouth, makes him chew and eat shit. She pisses on his face and laughs. Then she stands up and smears shit on his face, she laughs while the slave gasps, mumbles and vomits.

Mistress Breaks In Her Two New Slaves! – Part 2

She rams her fingers down her throat and throws up on their faces, covering them in sticky and slimy goo. She sits on their faces once again and this time, she shits all over them. She rubs the feces all over their skin and even makes them eat chunks of it.

Miranda – Lesbian Shiteating!

A high class lesbian scat shocker with gorgeous Miranada starring. This beautiful dreamgirl is eating shit from her lesbian girlfriends! Warning – Extreme Content!

Sparkle’s ‘mo Betta’ Return!!

If it wasn’t hot enough this August, It just got even hotter!! Another of my Favorite ladies is back!! I have recieved so many emails from my customers asking “when is Sparkle coming back?” I usually don’t get to obsessed with one FUNKY lady over another, but I was fooling myself as she is easily one of my Favorites, if not THE favorite!! I watched her grow from a girl so shy and embarrassed about doing this she wouldn’t even look at her own poop in her first 5-10 clips. She would even rush through them. Her growth and development as an EFRO performer is unparalleled amongst all my recruits. She had some personal issues but boy has she returned as good as ever! Sparkle…..Goodness gracious!! I swear hear ass just gets bigger and juicier every time I see it!! By far my most popular, most reviewed lady in 2015 – hell even now, she’s setting off 2016 propper!! Enjoy as Pees, Plops, shakes, jiggles, spreads and even plays with herself at little in this new set of public toilet clips!! Another great mix of angles, outfits, and most importantly ass!! Goodness Gracious that thing is just unexpectedly delicious!! She’s just getting back in the swing of things but be on the lookout for even greater clips coming soon!!