Eats Shit On Webcam

Cute, Casual Toilet Poo (+ Wiping And Flushing!)

I pull down my jeans to ready myself for a quick and fun little poo! I’m being cute and casual, having fun telling you how stinky it is and showing you lots of angles on me on the toilet You can really hear it splashing into the water while I’m sitting and pooing! I show you through the back some of it dropping ;D I eventually finish and wipe and flush away all the mess!

Roleplaying Shit Eater Iphone/ipod

Mistress Rayven likes to roleplay and plays as if her slave is a burglar and his punishment is to eat her shit. He pleads with her not to make him eat her shit but theres no reasoning with her and he has to eat it anyways.

Dirty Brunette Sluts Enjoys Taste Of Her Friends Shit

Dirty brunette sluts enjoys taste of her friends shit