Ebony Dirty Cam Piss

Mistress Michelle – The Shitteater From The Loo

This time, Mistress Michelle uses the toilet slave on the loo. He is already waiting and hopes that the Scatqueen shit directly into his mouth. Only that does not happen. First, she pees directly into his slaves mouth and then she sits down comfortably on the toilet and shit. Her foot she has pressed on his face. He has to lick clean the foot. Then the toilet slave has to eat the shit out of the toilet bowl.

Your Place As My Toilet – Get Used To It!

Since many of you apply for a very special position as a slave, my Toilet, I though a little insight could be appreciated.I tell you in detail how your day would usually look like, show you were you would be kept and what exactly I would expect of you….. I am quite demanding!But I also show you the privileges, this very special position has to offer… The perfect view of my adorable butt, right over your face! Does not need much imagination of how it would look like, if you were really up to the task.

Scat Party 2011 Part3

This time Princess Nikki shits our toilet slaves directly into his mouth. Then Princess Nikki gives strict instructions to the toilet slave to eat her shit. He needs to chew and swallow everything, because there is no escape this time. But the other slave gets another portion of shit in his mouth.

Golden Shower 1

Alida sits up from the front on Richie’s face it and her pussy on the mouth presses; While it must lick her, it already wonders why her put merely on this black mat for it has had. Alida turns round and goes with her arse on its face down; Further smokes it while it must lick her Asshole now and it still must hold it the ashtray with a hand; Then Alida gets up again and goes over his belly into the squatting position; Richie wonders what comes now. Is and then he knows what in bulk: Alida lets go completely and pisses him simple on the body; She unrestrainedly pisses his body full, this it the mat down runs from all sides