Ebony Drinks Peeboxers

Mistress Gaia – Scat Footjob

My slave has been waiting for me to arrive and I’m going to receive a double treat. I am going to give him a footjob, while he has the pleasure of eating and digesting my shit. I get him to open his mouth nice and wide and relieve my delicious shit warning him, he must make sure he doesn’t waste any of it. As he chews and swallows my shit, I get his throbbing cock between my feet and give him a footjob. It’s not long before my scooter squirts his cum over my beautiful feet without my permission. What a filthy bitch he is, I’ll decide on his punishment later. I spit on his shit covered face leave him there until I return…

Jeans Wetting And Pee Play

I had a bad dream and when my hubby woke me up I just need to pee. My bladder was so full that I wanted to wet my jeans and bed! Tons of pee and my jeans are soaked wet as well as my bed. But still there is some pee in my bladder so i took off my jeans and kept on pee play

Eat My Shit, Worm!

I love to shit in my slave’s mouth… And of course he must swallow it all!

Shit In The Grass

Outdoor shitting is one of my favourites… I love the nature. And nature loves my huge turds 🙂