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Lil Stink’s Gassy Return!!

Lil Stink is (finally!) back!! One of my OG’s and by far one of the most popular asses ever on this store. She returned with a bang in these clips!! For those of you waiting and hoping for gassy Lil Stink action – here is your fix!! She begins by rushing into the bathroom to have a quick pee. In the second scene, she couldn’t even get her pants down fast enough, as she started exploding with farts and diarrhea upon sitting down!! She even asks aloud “What the fuck did I eat!” I wanna know too!! She sprayed some airspray to kind of knock the smell off, right before another lady enters and uses the toilet next to her. In the finale, enjoy a nice up close behind the bowl shot as she pushes a longer, more solid load out. You can hear the sounds of other ladies using the toilet in this one as well. She even sticks her hand in the toilet to move the toilet paper so you can see the load she pushed out at work!! Lil Stink is back for good -and gassy as ever!

Cooking Spaghetti Poopinaise! – Part 2

She dumps in a bowl and then mixes it with the meat, making the sauce richer and more pungent! She makes her boyfriend eat it to make sure it tastes fucking right!

Pee Pur-measuring Cup

You know how so I’m a little pee-bitch who likes fresh piss from strangers trinkt.So an acquaintance gave me pissing in the measuring cup because I’m drunk empty habe.Na would you like it if I would try your piss too?