Ebony Gal Shitting

Nothing Special. Just Scat Fivesome. Part 11

Nothing special here. Just scat Fivesome. Walk further.Enjoy:)

Random Diarrhea Flow

I had a terrible day! I ate something really spoiled and I wanted to shit all day. And I decided to feed the slave with this wonderful dinner. Let it suffer his mistress, too. I put the plate under my toilet and started to shit. An irresistible flow of diarrhea escaped from my wanderfull ass. Do you want to lick them? Clean it well.

Diving In The Ocean Of Shit!!

In this mind blowing video you will see a huge pile of fresh, aromatic, warm shit out of my beautiful ass!) This is the biggest pile of shit for the last year!) I didn’t go to the toilet for about a week!) This video is from a private collection, one of the last videos of the second season!)


Hot blonde is sexy pooping in sexy pink tights,peeing,riding on the baloon and makng shit messy !