Ebony Girl Shitted

Smoke Hookah And Shit Feeding

I had a lot of fun in this video. My human lick my shoes and kisses my feet. He licks my asshole and swallows my huge nasty shit! He eat every piece of my smelly shit! He keeps my shit in his mouth for a long time. After that I feed him and he licks my gloves 🙂 Did you like it, bitch? It was fun. You are stupid shit eater!

Pissy On A Terrace

Striptease, masturbation and abundant pissing on a big terrace with a view over the city. I am dressed in a amazing leather/latex outfit- leather corset, heels, latex stockings. Hot outdoor action!

The Singing Toilet

(Year 2012) The Bi Boy becomes in Miss Diana the Pee Boy!  With the mouth more fully would piss must it songs gargle and see everyone others at the same time to and laugh at it!

Livia The Scat Girl I

See Livia in one of her best scenes. She likes the extreme fetish scat and you can see in her scenes. This is the first part of Livia the Scat Girl….