Ebony Mistress Shit On Face

All You Want Is My Shit

You’re different from all the other slaves who come to me, aren’t you? You don’t even want to touch me and you don’t even wanna fuck me. Is it true, that you’re one of those pervers who just wants to eat my SHIT? Oh my god, there you are! That’s so dirty, so you just like to catch and eat every log from my asshole, yeah? You enjoy me teasing you with this plump ass? Now watch my shithole, you stupid loser, as I push out your meal and eat my hot girl shit

Evil Secretaries Revenge! – Full Movie

These two cute but evil secretaries have been assigned from their agency to work along side an abusive boss. This boss routinely treats his staffs like shit which is why he has to rely on temporary workers supplied by an employment agency. This day is no different to most as he barks instruction at the two secretaries. Little does he know, that this time he is messing with the wrong bitches because they have been forewarned of his abused and are ready to teach this nasty cunt a lesson he will never forget.

Scatqueens Party 5_1 Part2

At the second Part of the party there are furthermore only short breaks for the Human Toilet and he has to prove hisself as a supertoilet. There is no time to spare him, some Ladies try to press out something brown a second time. We`ll see what comes.In any case the Toilet has not only to deal with devine caviar. Just have a look at the pictures what will initiate.