Ebony Piss Girls

Peeing Voyeur

a stranger watch me while I pee outdoor

Malaysia’s New Monster Loads!!

Malaysia is still the Turd Champ!!! Enjoy a new pair of Splacktastic clips!!! I swear y’all need to stop sleeping on this girl. NOBODY produces bigger logs than this tall Blasian cutie!!! Enjoy as she produces some of the biggest turds she has ever expunged in the second clip. In the first she starts with big logs then gets a lil runny towards the end. It’s a wonder she is even able to flush these monsters down the drain!!! Another action packed clip from Malaysia as she lets you see these monsters open her Winking Eye in ways you can’t fathom!!

Maisy Lollypop Scat

Maisy receive the shit from her boyfriend. He shit on Maisy’s belly and she likes it very much. Maisy plays with the scat and licks the shit from a Lollypop.

Sausage Stuck Almost In The Ass

I was extremely pressed again. What the hell … that thing must indeed out: P