Ebony Piss Stretchball

Madame Du B Big Piles Iphone

Two clips of bootyful Madame Du B dropping some huge sloppy chocolate piles in her toilet out of that big round booty of hers. Be sure to see, tribute and follow the bootyful on Twitter; @Ms_Du_B you will not be disappointed. You will see more from this goddess

Sausage Tears Almost To The Asshole

Again, such a big thing as a close-up … You can not miss this 😉

Training For Being A Toilet (part2)

Now we go a step further. First his peehole is stretched with sounds, then I slowly adapt him to my scat. He must hold his hands and gets a load on them. Now smell it and taste with his tongue. So much restraint and humiliation lets him shiver. In the end he is allowed to wash his hands with my warm pee. We will see, how long it takes, to make you a good toilet!