Edhead Forced To Eat Shit

Ebony Jewel’s Getting Poppin’ And Ploppin’!

Ebony Jewel was Dropping em Heavy in this pair of clips!! She was sitting around the house after eating a bunch of food, and caught the urge to go take a big shit!! Enjoy as she has a little fun with it, beginning with a sexy twerk while filming her plops, sharts and splashes from overhead!!! She wasn’t done after her 1st dump, as she returns a hour or so later to get right to buisiness!! Dropping a seemingly endless amout of splashes into the bowl!!! Ebony Jewel is back and better than ever – putting more and more content!!

Slaves With Rosellaextrem Shit In The Mouth

RosellaExtrem and I met with a slave and shit him really in his mouth. The slave has eaten all the shit to the last bite

Oily Ass When Shit

It was not until I spoil my ass with oil and then I find that shit. Put yourself an extra sausage for a nice back and lick then is next.