Edric Pee Eniece Illinette Ornejo

Taste My Shit!

I am stunning in my little black dress and high heels as I walk in on the toilet slave, the useless bits bits of flesh that formerly served as its genitals shaved and bound. From beneath the toilet seat, it can look up at my red panties as it worships my feet, licking the bottoms of my shoes and then sucking my toes. You will imagine that it is your own tongue pushing its way between my toes as your furiously MASTURBATE. As I take my position on the toilet seat, I pull aside my panties and you are so close to my asshole that you could almost put your own tongue inside it like my slave. I have to lean forward to slap the slave’s balls and keep its ‘dick’ hard so you get an even more beauteous view of my puckered asshole and pouting pussy lips. The slave’s tongue loosens my asshole and goes all the way inside and my asshole becomes more engorged and begins to protrude threateningly. Finally the blessed reward arrives and piles up on the slave’s face. After I decide to reward the slave with an orgasm from my own hands. Alternating between slapping its balls and pumping its dick, I finally make the pig cum and it squirts its mess all over its hairless body. My laughter fills the room as the slave’s mind is further warped, associating pleasure and pain, degradation and ecstasy. The degraded pervert lies in its own filth and mine as I stand over it, my glorious and unattainable pussy and my radiant smile mocking alike mocking the debased SUBHUMAN TOILET. Now imagine looking into my eyes as you play with your little dick and beg for permission to CUM.

Goodness Grace’s Last Meal!!

Goodness Grace has gone Vegan!! If you haven’t noticed from her last two or three clips – it’s leading to even bigger and better poops than ever!! Prior to going vegan, she recorded this lovely clip of her last meal, and expunging it!! Apparently her last dish before renouncing all meat and an animal products is naturally one that covers all bases – Pizza!! She saved one last slice just for a lucky fan that she enhanced with her own “Special topping”!! The “Sausage” That came out of her was friggin’ bigger than the slice of pizza itself!!! Goodnesss Grace is back in 18′ with bigger and better turds than ever!!

Smoking And Shitting In Pantyhose In Bathtub

Godess was again alone today, because all of her toilets were busy and working to make money for her. But she need to piss and shit so she going into bathtub, get a pair of pantyhose and dress in them. She feel so hot and sexy and their texture make her shit in them. A Epic Movie with Shitty Godess pantyhose full of her waste !! All toilets must clean now her divine asshole to clean her. After that Mistress make a shower in front of camera.