Eeds Him Shit

Desperate Party Shit

At a fancy dress party, a hot Latin girl is desperate to take a shit. Someone else is occupying the toilet, so she shits on the floor outside the bathroom. Dialogue throughout the video

Full Shit * Scat Fun *

I was just showering and wanted to dress when my gut was of the opinion – he would have to shit now. Crouching over the toilet, I press the sausage shit out of the asshole in the bowl. Another fart and I shit. My clean butt hole is now smeared with feces and the paper has problems picking up my shit. Kiss my ass


Turned on to poop, ecstasy riding a dildo and pooping is her climax!

Kinky Joyride!

Was traveling by car, when I had to pee. Have on a street nearby, stopped and took off me naked! I’m so running about and have Pissed that has made me so horny! Unfortunately, no tail was there for me so I’m naked drove through the area in search of tails. Unfortunately I did not find so I stopped at the roadside and sat down on my gear stick of my car and this fucked and ridden far as the stop until I came!