Eeds To Shit Bad

Special Use Toilet Part 5

Girls Uses Man



Egg-slave Eats Vomit

Sometimes it is so easy to kill time, you need only a fool, you can do to, whatever you want. Just crush some eggs on the slave skull and see how stupid the loser looks. Miss Cherie celebrating with me here from the slave has to go sniff the slimy mud with straws throuh his nose, that was really too funny. Miss Cherie, however, had to puke. Of course, the slave was allowed to eat the vomit *smile*.

P – Kmw – Drink Our Pee And Lick Our Dirty Feet – Day 01 – Full – C – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 14:19. Weronika and Klaudia sit opposite each other. They have dirty feet. Girls clean they feet using male tong. But this is not enough. They pee a lot and he must drink all this fluid.Polish language.This is Klaudias first time when she pee to toilet man. She like it.