Eeds To Shit Badly

Maemi Pile Of Cream

Soft poop with a view from the front!

Feeding My Slave With Shit

Watch me while I’m making a big portion of dinner for my slave. He’s so love it…delicious shit served right from the beautful ass of his Mistress. What could be more beautifull then this? Im starting to feed him with my hand in leather gloves..he eats it with pleasure and thanks his Mistress. I made a big portion of shit, and I start to stuff it into his mounth. He loves it very much…how else. Do you want in his place? To serve me like my toilet… Ha-ha! And how many people can afford such a luxury dinner? Only elected and devotees slaves.

Bottom Line, We Shit You Eat Part 7

Girls uses Man

Scat And Pee Dinner

One more dinner for the cur. First he is filled up with pee and then there is a nice caviar soup. Everything is swallowedand licked from the floor. He can wash his head afterwards in the toilet.