Eenl Shitting

Madame Du B Sludge Bombs

Big booty scat goddess Madame Du B teases you with her big beautiful bottom then bends over and drops her massive sludge bombs into the waiting toilet. Be sure to see, tribute and follow the bootyful on Twitter; @Ms_Du_B you will not be disappointed.

Do You Really Want To Be My Toilet?

I really get lots of inquiries from slaves who want to be my living toilet. In the video my current toilet is the ALL what I count down! So you can get a picture of what you would expect! You must be clear that there are no taboos for you! A toilet is a toilet! You like the dirt under the shoes clean? Even if I was in a disguised discotheque before? Your face you wash with my snot, which I so often I lust in the face rotze! You swallow without choking my piss, even those of my friends? My shit is for you the main court, which you greedily swallow? And if I am sick from the sight of your disgusting visage, can I puke you then also in the face? If you can imagine it all and you have not made the video after fear in your pants you may apply to me! I am looking for a reliable toilet I can use 24/7! But you must be clear that you are nothing more than a toilet! It is clear that other hygienic waste like tampons or a condom with sperm is drowned! Well, what are you waiting for?


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