Eep Throat Piss In Throat

Mistress Anita -ass Destroyed And Diarrhea In Bathtub

Another movie, another shit story with Mistress Anita. This time, she have a nice surprise for her toilet boy : she will piss through a funnel in his asshole and make a nice diarrhea on his body, then fuck his ass again with huge dildoes ! The perfect Goddess with great body. Enjoy her movies

Scat-princess Rule, Must Consume Part 5

Scat-Princess Engineers just came out with the newest Invention to break the Slaves Mouth open by pushing a Button. So Princesses were all excited to use this Miracle Machine on this Shit Eater. Result: perfect ! No way out until all the Poop was swallowed. Part 5 Gabi. English Subtitles

Twice Shitting In The Bowl

Today you get two shits and both on the toilet …