Eet And Shit Eating

Humiliated By Vivienne L’amour

Sometimes dreams just come true! I guess you can say this about this scene with Goddess Vivienne l’Amour and slave Bryan. Slave Bryan that has been a loyal filming slave with us here at has several times requested to act together with Goddess Vivienne l’Amour just as well as he has requested more clips including golden showers. As you probably already have guessed both of his dreams come true is this great scene. Also, a scene that shows why Goddess Vivienne l’Amour is rated, as one of UK’s best dominatrixes showing all her skills in verbal humiliation and classic female domination.

Sinnamon’s Growth And Development!!

Running this site it’s been amazing to watch my shy amateurs evolve in to great EFRO performers. Watching them grow is a thrill. In some cases both literally and figuratively Speaking!! I swear to Goodness Sinnamon is growing in more ways than one with each new clip she sends me!! This girl’s body is just like WOW!! She’s a thicker version of her girl Sparkle, and it’s as if over the past year she has gotten bigger and better in all aspects!! Bigger ass, Bigger Loads, Bigger tits, Better quality videos, Better angles, just everything bigger and better!! ENjoy another FUNKY dozen minutes of Ass Shaking, peeing and HUGE plops!! I swear she is getting in the running for biggest turd dropper of all the Funky Ladies!! Another Great collection of 5 new bigger and better clips!!

Shit An Night 01

comming back home at night Princess Nikki needs to shit!