Elladonna Fart Scene

Domina, Beauty-of-pain, Piss Me In The Mouth!

Here I had to serve the domina beauty-of-pain as a slut and as a female-toilet-slave. She led me to the basement on a leash, and I had to sit down on the floor, stretch my head backwards, and open my mouth wide. Then Betty stood wide-legged over my slave’s mouth and pissed me a nice load domina piss into this. Must and have swallowed everything away! With the last piss-beam in my mouth I played and gurgled before I swallowed it. Betty then ordered me to stay in that position as she had invited slaves and other Dominas, to use me also as toilets slave and to fill with her piss,too!

Tease And Shit In Pink

Hmmm .. this time a sweet seductive sight for you: in pink negligee, heels and feather boa and I tease and pose in front of you! Then I crouch down on the floor, pee relishly and then shit groaning a beautiful, magnificent pile, which clogged the toilet at the end. What could you want more? 😉

Late Night Naked Shit

The mistress has another huge pile of shit for her slaves that she wants you to eat off the floor with your tongues, watch as she drips a fall of piss and cum while a mountain of shit forms for you to desire and want. You know you nasty motherfuckers want the shit from the mistresses thick juicy ass as she lays naked and make you fuckers lick her bare feet this if you like to see a large amount with variety is a must