Elladonna Piss

Scat On Fixed Slave

I have fixed my slave to the pillory. Then I shit in his face and rub the stinking pile. As a reward i gave him a hard handjob till his cock gums.

Pee Outside

I peed 3 times outside.Make those scenes with my phone

Monica Shit & Pee In Potty

Monica at night wanted to shit and pee. I’m talking about that really want me to pee and heap, and I love my potty. You hear how I pee and shit. At the end of the show, showing you my ass and shit and piss in my potty.

Big Fat Sausage-aua

Ouch did that really hurt the fat sausage out of my ass to me the next time you pressen.Möchtest not help me or lick the asshole clean?