Elyna Pooping

Princess Mia. Pov Toilet Slavery

Princess Mia. POV Toilet Slavery

Cum While I Poop

Goddess is hot seducting you with her hot body in plastic pink panties and high heels, she is rubbing her tits and shitting in plastic panties,moaning and encouraging you to cum!

Scat Throat Fuck

Me and my girlfriend shits in the slaves mouth.Maybe the dildo was to big for him . But we push our gold down he`s throat. Who cares !Maybe its you next time….

Wellness Scat P1

Today is the day for Wellness for Mistress Michelle and Lady Marie. The slave has to hold the plate, where everything ends up from the Ladies. The plate is filled with cornea, fingernails, dirt under the nails, spit and piss. Then Lady Marie pisses still in a glass. Now it is time to lick all the great things of the plate because Lady Marie has to poop. So there is a spoon and then the plates emptied from the slave who has to hold the plate, because Mistress Michelle has to pee. Then Mistress Michelle take a seat on the face of the slave and Lady Marie is pooping on the plate.