Emo Girl Poops

Pee And Scat In Forest

here i pee and shit outdoor

Shitting From The Shit Chair

This has gedrückt..warum ?! Well, that same siehste why! Starting with the ass to the Kackstuhlbrille and off you go. Loooong remains the sausage at a time before she plops to the ground. 2 long, thick brown Kackstifte abseil, not silently, from 🙂 And at the end gibts ne tour overboard 🙂 Have fun!

Battered & Pissed On By Two!

This poor slave is battered and abused by 2 ruthless mistresses who use him as their very own human punch bag. They humiliate him as they wrestle him, trample him before finally completing his torment by pissing all over his pathetic body.