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Mistress Andreea And Nicolle Are Back Part 2

Goddess Andreea continue the humiliation of her toilets with the help of her NEW assistant: Mistress Nicolle. In this movie, she let her assistant to use her toilet in many ways, from fucking his mouth, spitting, strapon fucking his ass and pissing in his mouth ! She also use him as an ashtray and destroy his ass with her huge strapon ! Movie was recorded with 2 cameras, from 2 angles in her attic. This is part 2 when Mistress Nicolle using the toiket for pissing in jos MOUTH and both Mistresses strapon fucking hIs ass with big strapons

Monster Shit Disaster!

Poor and miserable drivers of toy cars, they don’t even know about monstres invasion. I find these cars on my property and I will destroy them. I play with them and I plunge toy car into my pussy. They must suffocate of my smell . And then I’ll send them huge blocks of shit a few hundred pounds relative to the size of the cars. Now they get stuck in my shit and don’t get out of my gigantic turds! Here I am a Mistress and you are full insignificance. Do you feel my gorgeous shit? It’s delicious. I will arrange for you a real disaster!

Eat My Stinky Shit!

A pathetic shit eater is lying beneath me, and I am having a quick sandwich. But he should be happy, if I am fed, so will he be. The pathetic low life is not quite sure what to expect from me. But I start by placing my ass on his face, so that he can smell the food source.Ohh my God, he smell so bad, and he will for sure not smell any better after I have finished placing my dump in his mouth. But first I need to pee, and I make it clear I don’t want any mess on my floor. So he need to catch every drop. But he fails! So I am not to happy. So I position myself, and shit two big logs in his mouth. One he misses, and after having eaten the first, I make him put the other in his mouth.I use his hand to push it inside his stinky toilet mouth to make sure nothing get’s left. Then I tell him to finish his meal I just have served him! He should be grateful!

Drinking 2 Litres Of Pee In The Publick Place

daddy pee in a brad and give me 3 litres of his dark yellow pee and tell me to eat and drink it all in the street with a lot of people aound! it was very terrible and i drinked just two litres so when i get home back he put his cock in my mouth and fuck it while i beggin dont do this