En Poops On Bed

A Slave Filled With Shit And Piss! Extreme Femdom With Luciana And Rosella

I was once again visiting my mistress girlfriend Lady Luciana and we had invited some slaves who wanted to be used by us. These slaves here, we have filled with shit and piss. After the slave finally arrived, Lady Luciana and I put the slave on a slave bank. Since I had to shit a long time, I put a butt plug in the ass. I then got that from my ass and he was full of shit. The slave had to suck this clean. I sat down with my shit smeared asshole, on the mouth of the slave and he had to lick me clean the rosette. Then I pissed and shit, the slave full and in the mouth. I then fed the slave with my shit until he had eaten everything! You can see that again in Full HD and from 2 camera angles!

Smothered With Pussy & Piss!

Office co worker is caught peeping at the lady’s toilet, she grabs hold of him and drags him to the toilet then she sits on his face and smothering him with her pussy. After that she drags him to the toilet bowl and showered him with her piss water!

Scat: Plumber’s Plunger

SUPERB VIDEO all in italian Language, unbeliveble situation, my plumber try to be my human toilet but… i have to use his plunger….. to let it function!!!!Take a look!!!!Mp4 for mobile and pc

Double Dose Of Dark Chocolate Mp4

TM drops a double dose of dark chocolate logs in the waiting toilet. You get a double dose of ass shaking, spreading, and wiping in this one.