Enema Cat Shit Poop

Treatment With Piss And Shit

Today I have the ill patient, and today I will make it my toilet. Having studied the behavior of ill patient, I give him his diagnosis. He needs compulsory treatment with my Pee and Shit. I feed him with my piss and shit. Now he will get better, I think…

Enormous Shit In Bathtub While Washing

Mistress wanna showering in a blue catsuit today. She dress in her perfect hosiery catsuit and fingering herself in bathtub. She urge to pee and shit also so she relieve herself into bathtub. A huge and enormous shit landed ionto bathtub and Godess was relieved. After that she take all shit and show it to camera to can see what you will eat today ! She wash herself and become more and more horny . . . The perfect Gypsy Godess

Nasty Students Shit On Desperate Teacher! – Part 1

He takes his clothes off and sits dejectedly on the floor. The nasty bitches take turns squatting on his face and scattering wet liquid shit all over his face and chest! They make him lick the shit off his face and enjoy it!

Outdoor Toilett Ii

A Slave Oudoor loo is something very fine, on any occasion and time used the Lady Mandy her Toilet for her Shit and piss to make directly into the Mouth, no matter how much shit and piss it will be. The Slave has to swallow everything completely.