Enema Cat Vomit

4 Hot Dumps

I’m rolling out 4 loads in this video for luck ? Watch me poop a weeks worth of turds in all sorts of positions, from making you eat my shit to watching my pleasurable desperation as I shit, to just enjoying the naughty show ? This is a must-see treat for all you fans who love to watch me pinch my thick and stinky poops!

120 Cm Shit

Mistress Michelle surprised the toilet slave while he bathes. Then Mistress Michelle poops in his wide-open mouth and spits on top.

9 Lunches For 9, 9 Dinners For 1, Poor Toilet Slave Part 7

The Goal is, tying up the Slave, against his will or not and make him fit our Needs. Perfect Foot Cleaner to break his Will and then swallow all the Poop with the powerfull Mouth Opener without Leftovers. We did reach that Goal ! Part 7 Valery. English Subtitles