Entai Face Farting

Mistress Roberta Feeding In Crotchless Blue Pantyhose

Today Mistress Roberta receive a nice pair of crotchless pantyhose. She love to wear them in her next movie and she dress in them in the morning. Her toilet arrived and she begin to use him, humiliate him and order him…..He must sniff her hosiery, lick them clean, suck them and smell her asshole. Mistress get some gloves and play with slave asshole then she get a huge strapon and begin to tease him. Slave must make her dildo wet before she will destroy his ass with it. After strapon play Mistress order her toilet to keep the dildo inside and prepare his mouth to receive her shit. She shits a lot and slave must chew and swallow all, else Mistress will help him with her hands on his mouth to push it deep into his throat !!

Big Pile Of Shit

I just got home from a few days away and was desperate for a shit. I had been eating a lot and having up for a big ol shit. This one was extremely big and just kept on coming out. It burned my asshole on the way out. It was a good shit and needed to get it out! You can hear me farting as I push. My rosebud and asscrack is caked with shit. I show you the pile and toss it in the toilet leaving a nice skidmark. This shit was a big stinky one and I’m sure you poo lovers will cum all over with this extra nasty clip!

Francesca’s Painful Booty Snakes

I swear I love watching Francesca take a dump…Nobody makes the same genuine facial expressions and sounds that this lovely BBW does while dropping the in the pool!! I used to swear she was acting, until I caught a whiff and an up close look at what she shitted out one time when we were together!! Good Grief!! While y’all can’t smell the HOT FUNK this woman cooks up, you can definitely take a look!!! Enjoy Three painful dumps from Francesca in these three clips. She even comments on how bad her asshole hurt!! When you see what came out of her you will understand why!!