Erman Lesbian Piss Drink Eat Shit

He Has To Eat Shit

I have a toilet slave who loves getting scat training. He was very lucky that I am ready to give him my time. He will have to earn the privilege of enjoying the luxury of eating my shit. I start by getting my whore to lick my shoes and find out his place. Then I order him to put his face in my beautiful ass. I do so that his face is right there when he tries to catch his breath. He must understand that he is my slave and always worships my feet. When I’m riding on his face, it’s time for him to enjoy his enjoyment. I tell him to open his mouth to get my shit. My pile of shit sits neatly over his mouth and face. Now he has to eat my shit and lick my beautiful ass. How lucky you are today, stupid slut. Did you enjoy forcibly eating my shit? Next, I put the collar on a slave and lead him for a walk.

Introducing Queen Bee!!

New Shit – literally!!! If you haven’t been paying attention lately, I have been bringing a whole lot of new talent to the game – some are names you familiar with, some are ones you never seen before in your life, but all are new to this realm. Well I’ve outdone myself this summer!! All new ladies and ALL are smoking hot!!! This is so hot I’m putting out these new clips while on vacation down in New Orleans.Queen Bee continues that trend. Say hello to my newest gem of a find! I have one of my newest recruits, Smoking Redd for talking her friend into doing it as well!! I swear the fine ones always travel in packs!!! Queen Bee has a body that makes me thank god I was born a man. Hell even if I wasn’t I’m sure I would still be in love with this one!!! These are her first introduction clips. She was admittedly nervous pooping on film in her first clips – some which will never see light of day as her poop was literally too shy to come out! But like all rookies, watch her learning curve grow exponentially! These are some real solid clips as she is young and eager to get started!! Enjoy as she brings a sexy mix of shakin’ and shittin’!! Two great debut clips. This one has potential to live up to that name become the queen of Ladies Keeping It Funky as she gets more comfortable behind the camera and how to record herself!!! That B must stand for Bootay – cuz man the ass on this one is oohwee!! The Titties Too! She is already top 5 physiques on LKIF in my humble opinion. As you know I love them All shapes, sizes and colors, but nothing like a thick woman! Especially one thick in all the right places!! Def be on the lookout for more and more from this ebony Queen!!

Smores Crackers Poo!

Come play with me as I make smores poo sandwich’s out of my favorite gram cracker Grahamfuls yumm!