Eropean Amateur Pissafternoon

Strangers Filming Schoolgirl Pissing And Defecating!

In the middle of a park, there is a wooden infrastructure which is labeled as a female public toilet. Though, little did people know that underneath the opening on the floor, which serves as the toilet itself, are men hiding and recording the unsuspecting women! In this situation, a schoolgirl falls victim to the trap! While she is taking off her panties, the culprits are recording everything! It doesnÂ’t take long before she is squatting on top of the opening, making it hard for her to see them! She then releases a strong stream of piss and follows it with a couple chunks of feces!

Nikki Eats Sandwich Slave Eats Shit

Princess Nikki eats fiest a sandwich and after eating she has to shit so she just shits at the slave laying all the time inder her ass. She wish him to swollow all her shit.this clip is originally 12 minutes long but we shoot it with 2 cams so you have the secons cam version after the clip just for free.

Another Day In The Office Part 1 Gabi

This is one of our Fans Favorite Movie. The Girl is chatting in Facebook or where ever and sits on the Slaves Face letting go of some really nasty Poop. While she is entertained the other Girl in Charge pushes it into the Man’s Mouth and makes sure the Poop is being swallowed. English Subtitles

First Timer Ebonys Monster Shit Ipad 720p

First timer curvy black goddess Ebony takes a monster shit in the toilet boys open waiting mouth. This was a big smelly dump; look forward to seeing more from this first time lady. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, and Iphone/Ipod formats.