Eropean Classy Clothedpiss

Must Eat It All! Disgusting Toilet

I think you have done a good work my slave! Your job is to provide me with money and you brought a good pay today. You deserve a small gift from my ass as a reward. I know you desire my delicious shit, so get under me and get ready to swallow every piece of shit that comes out of my beautiful ass! This is your desired reward for a work well done! But I have more gift for you! All you need is eat to, so get ready to eat my shit like food. This is your breakfast today! So eat all my gifts, my disgusting toilet!

Exclusive Shit! Mia And Jessica.

2 video.Exclusive Shit! Mia and Jessica.Exclusive Shit! Mia and Jessica. Big pile of shit from Jessica and Mia Toilet Slavery.Scat smearing.Boot smearing.

The Slave Drinks The Bag With Piss And Sperm

The bag is half full of piss. The delicious cocktail is ready to drink. On all fours, the slave of the mistress crawls at her feet, is quite good and obeys like a dog. His sperm jerks the slave according to instructions, in the bag purely. The whole piss with the cum, drinks with reluctance of the slave to the last drop.

Pee In White Pants

I piss in my tight white pants