Erv Shit Camera

Big Ass Vs Small Potty

My first potty clip- I pee and to this small potty, listen to the sounds and look at me when I try to sit on this small stuff.woah so stinky…1920*1280

On A Hamburger Men’s Loo, Served As A Living Urinal!

Had heard that there is a place in Hamburg where a woman’s mouth-pissoar hangs in a men’s loo! So I went there and got dressed Slutty, perched beside the Pisooars and offered my wife’s mouth as a substitute. Each local visitors who wanted was allowed to piss me in my mouth! I love it when I can serve many men as a living toilet!

Abused By Scat-princess Part 2

One of our earlier Movies, where a Slave was extremely abused, dragged by a Car, Chystal driving and then his Hands rolled over by here. Then fed by the Girls with their Poop. This Movie is not in HD. It has English Subtitles