Esbo Eats Shit

Couple Oral Pleasuring And Poop Smearing!

In the comfort of their own home, this couple makes good use of their free time by getting naughty and dirty, literally! At first, the sweetheart gets her pussy eaten! It then later gets followed with being bent over and finger fucked in her asshole! When the man finally pulls out, he finds it coated with her feces which she doesn’t hesitate to lick clean! Eventually, the two strip completely naked and the guy lies down on the floor! The sweetheart then defecates on top of his body and smears her poop all over him as well as on her body! By the time she is contented with the mess she has made, she starts alternating between a blowjob and a handjob, only stopping after she manages to make him cum!

Training A Human Toilet!

Mistress is training her slave, he is where he belong.. In the basement of her house!!! She is hiding him from her husband who does not know she is a SCAT MISTRESS! This slave needs to be really quiet and has to take whatever training Mistress gives him! Today she is training him to take her piss and shit!

Hand Poop Wrap For Shipping

Yes, now it is there, the thick, solid, brown, warm sausage. So they do not get cold, I grab it with my bare hands and put it into a transport glass. Look at how I put little by little into the glass, of course I quassel this 🙂 Duration 1: 10min

Sweet Turd From Monika

Fantastic public toilet closeup…!!