Esbos Eat Shit Off Plate

Goodness Grace’s Golden Treats!!

Goodness Grace continues to cover all bases with one for my Pee Lovers!! Enjoy as she makes you a warm glass of her golden nectar in one scene. Then enjoy as she shakes that golden peach before playing with her stream in another. Enjoy as she saves the best for last – as she soaks her sexy panties with her nectar!! A pissy Mess!! Another great Treat from Goodness Grace!! This is just the beginning as she is out for domination!!

My New Private Nurse! Part 4

Part 4 – It was her turn to eat, but instead of swallowing her food she gets to feed me some more by chewing it and then spitting it out in my mouth and watering it down with more piss!

Lucky Devil

A slave is tested, if he can be rewarded with the status of a lucky devil. He must fetch little coins out of mud holes and nettles. Of course he must be naked and is only allowed to use his tongue for that. Additionally he must lick my heels and is ordered to drink my pee.

Swallow My Piss You Sow

Had once again visiting my ex and he used me again mess properly. Had to let me piss in my mouth cunt and swallow it too. Then I had him suck his dick because still clean.