Esbos Shit Caviar

Smoking Redd’s Home Funky Struggle!!

Man oh man that Asshole of Smoking Redd was hot as a firecracker!!! There is nothing more fun than watching her squirm and struggle on the bowl. Watching as her asshole expands and prolapses while shitting out another painful dump! Enjoy this long clip as Redd keeps pushing out farts, sharts and shit!! Enjoy as halfway through she turns her ass towards the camera and you can really see her asshole prolapse and wink as she strains out even more gassy farts and turds. The 5 minute mark is when the floodgates finally open for real!!

Berry C’s New Bursts!!

Berry C is back with a new clip!! She is due anyday now and has been bedridden and very constipated this month. She sent this one in a few weeks ago. Enjoy as the first of my two pregnant new FUNKY ladies shakes that phat ass of hers before sitting down to drop a different set of kidz off at the pool!!

Short Shitplay In Wc Before Work

Just a short super sexy video about whatÂ’s going on with me in the bathroom before work)) Love you stay in touch! soon a lot of new content!)

Lucky Devil

A slave is tested, if he can be rewarded with the status of a lucky devil. He must fetch little coins out of mud holes and nettles. Of course he must be naked and is only allowed to use his tongue for that. Additionally he must lick my heels and is ordered to drink my pee.