Esperat For Man Piss

Shit Tastes Just Like It Stinks

You think shit tastes good? You think that all we ladies donate is just Geil and you can swallow everything down well? Then watch this video of a loser who thought that, too. But be warned, if you have made the decision and we choose you as a toilet then you will be used as such! Maybe you realize that it’s not the way your fantasy in your head cinema pretended to be and the shit actually tastes like shit…. only then it is too late *smile*.

Kaguya Longest Poop

Pushing out a thick and lengthy rope of poop! Multiple angles. Close-up ending.

1st Time Panty Pooping

I finally popped my Panty Pooping cherry for you guys. I started with some ass shaking/jiggling in my white panties showing them both off. I squat down?began trying to push the huge poop out at first nothing but warm piss came out but then my tight ass started to stretch and I something hot, moist, and mushy in my panties. I look back at the cam and saw my poop bulging. While trying to adjust my panties it fell out onto the floor. I could not resist playing with it and pulling it apart bit by bit.