Esperate Panty Piss

Alexandra Poo Used Toilet Slave

I use the male slave as a living toilet for the first time in this video. I humiliate him and raise him with a whip. You have to clean my shoes, stupid slave. You gotta lick my asshole and suck the heels while I’m smoking. Lie on your back and open your mouth. Have fun – eat my shit!

Incl Wiping And Removing

Normal going on also, I sit naked on the toilet seat and poop, Pee and wipe off nicely: 🙂 Then I keep so the camera in the Klo.Bleibt friends when removing some hang 🙂



Only A Little Scat

I have fun in the bathtub with my shit in my face, but then I need more shit and the camera guy helps out.Very messy action.