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Woman Covered In Poop Is Fucked! – Full Movie

Full Movie – In this situation, see a woman defecate on the bed where she is lying! Though, it doesn’t end there, her boyfriend then proceeds to smear the feces all over her body! Once she is completely coated, she is finger fucked which then gets followed with being pleasured by a vibrator! Once the guy is convinced that he has done enough, he proceeds to get his fair share of pleasure; he serves his dick inside the woman’s mouth! By the time he gets satisfied, he lays her down on her back and then begins fucking her pussy fast and rough! In the process, he would reposition her a couple of times; on top of him and then doggystyle! The only time he stops is after he reaches orgasm and cums! Though, the scenario doesn’t end there just yet, instead, the woman is laid down and given an enema! Everything she defecates is then caught in a small glass bowl!

Wake Up Shit

I wake up in the morning and lounge in my bed. Slowly I already feel a little pressure on the intestine. I wake up my partner with a few strong blows on the butt and put him in our bed so that I can sit over him. First I let him lick my pussy and ass. He is allowed to get out some single pralines of my shit with his finger. They seem to taste it.But suddenly a big turd comes directly into his open mouth. Now he just has to swallow everything. Unfortunately, he is a bit slow again, so I help him with strong blows with paddle and whip. He has at least everything caught clean with his mouth this time without a mess.

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Portion Of Shit For Dinner – Hd Version

When I’m going to shit, my toilet slave wants to eat my shit for dinner. It’s nasty, but he loves it. I fill his mouth with shit and make him swallow it all. You are my personal toilet, it is your destiny, slut.