Estavle Peeing Spot

Mistress Gaia – Oceanic Crap

This video is a must and you must hurry up to buy it, my little toilet slaves, cause I evacuate such a huge amount of shit that you’ve never seen out from the asshole of a girl. A sea of shit! Drown in it, shit slaves!!!

Oxana:push Pantyhose With Shit

Oxana is hot pushingh her beige pantyhose with huge shit.

Double Morning Treat For The Toilet Slave

Double morning treat for the toilet slave. Today the girls were very generous and fed me with their delicacies. The first I was saddled by Christina, she powerfully furred her heap into my mouth and face and powerfully pressed me down with her elastic ass. The shit came into my nose and my eyes, but Christina saddled me to the end. After using, Christina washed me and gave it to Yana. Yana filled my mouth with a sour-sweet shit saddled me. In the end, Yana ordered to clean lick the remains of shit from her ass.

Eat Dung And Dirt

My worker slave is naked and looks for the dirt on the paddock. To make him hurry up, I show him my disaffection about his work. First I use him as my toilet and afterwards he must eat up a pile droppings from the ground.