Ever Long Gist Of Farts

Celine First Time P3

Lady Celine is tired of shaving and has to pee. First, she pees the plate full up. Then the slave has to lay directly under her pussy. She pisses him directly into his slave mouth. He swallows everything. Then Mistress Michelle also pisses elegantly down from above into his throat.

Mistress Roberta -standing Feeding Day-pov

Today i took my sexy mini dress and i feed you standing letting you see how the shit falls from high directly into your mouth after follows the pee, and i wipe my ass good and show you your creamy tasty food ,enjoy!

Helpless Slave With Two Mistress – Part 2

After a few minutes, they unload clumps of solid shit for him to eat! They smear the disgusting scat all over their bodies and on his body too!

Panty Pee Foursome

I decided to do a series of panty wetting scenes. There is a variety here … four different pairs of panties and a scene of me peeing in a trashcan, one in the tub, one on the bathroom floor and one in the hallway. All are wet and messy and three out of the four scenes include some wet and juicy farts as well. The shower scene is especially noisy as I let out four or five really great fart blasts during and after my pee stream. Enjoy!