Ex After Shit

Oxana: Poop In Pink Panties

Oxana loves the feeling when warm poo running down in her pink pantes.

Cum Diet Challenge Day 1

Here is how the challenge worked; The cum diet challenge.If in any show I reach 10,000k total tokens the challenge starts and basically I can consume only liquids that come out of a human being and no other food. In short I have to live on cum and squirt etc. at 10k tokens in a show it starts at 1 day. And a day is added for every 5,000 additional tokens, I will vlog my struggle and do my best to get as much cum as I can from people on tinder etc.The videos created during the cum diet challenge will be uploaded to manyvids and yezz clips depending on how nasty they are.So if you want to see a real whore, try a cum diet challenge then tip in the Chaturbate show, every token gets us one step closer, I take what I do very seriously, and I will do this if the goals are met.I was intrigued about the idea of a cum diet after a number of tumblr blogs were talking about how amazing it is, I checked to see if it was safe, it is, but it is intense, I want to try it but I want your encouragement, so come join me and tip to set the challenge.For safety reasons the longest I will attempt this diet in one go is 14 days. The guys tipped during the live show enough for a two day challenge. This is day one from beginning to end. Pissing, piss drinking, cum shot, and my vlogs about my suffering.

With So Much Oil

A sexy toilet fetish video… with so much oil on my big ass you can enjoy all the plasure to stay under my butt… I know you want to touch it and put your tongue on my asshole here you can see with a fantastic zoom in what I mean… I think now it’s the perfect moment to put your face here….