Expelling Shit

Really New Year’s Feeding!

Really new year’s feeding! Girls want to feel the New Year mood – they give commands: the slave sings New Year songs and dances for them, girls laugh at him! He must always be positive, girls constantly demand that he sing a song or read a New Year’s verse. A slave should not sit idle, he must constantly entertain girls. As a New Year’s gift, the girls organized for him a New Year’s table of female shit, urine and vaginal discharge! The slave is waiting for all the girls to do this and he will be allowed to start the meal, he sits nearby and enjoys the smells. He knows that he will have cooled shit, and cold shit is very disgusting. On New Year’s holidays, girls eat a lot of different foods and their shit smells stronger and has a more fermented taste!

Monster Shit For Piggy

I cant describe the enormous pile I let loose at my favorite grocery store! Such a huge pile, my slave gulped all of it down like a perfect piggy!

Extrem Faceshitting

I use a belt for the slave to be smothered him by my ass (and my shit). I shit as much as I want in his mouth. And I using a belt for pulling him hard into my shitty ass as I suffocate him for a long time. He’s under my ass and tied down so tightly he’s unable to move and can’t escape.

Oxana Tight Panties Messy

Huge and hairy ass is shitting messy load in tight panties for you!