Extrem Anpissen

Two Scat Slaves

I have two hungry scat slaves lying on the ground, waiting for their daily feeding! But no meal before I have had some fun.. So I tease them a lot with my sexy ass, and shove my shoes in their pathetic faces.I hoover over them, and let them smell their source of food, before I fill their toilet mouths with a lot off piss.Then it is time for some food, and I put a big log in both their mouths, make them eat their food, and leave them until I am back from my party!

Desperate To Eat Shit!

This public toilet is the best place to go for those who would like to get their fill of shit! Everyday there’s always someone willing to donate dump to anyone desperate to eat feces! This man’s been waiting for only 30 minutes when a chick comes in to unload. She drops her panties, sits on the toilet, and ejects chunk of shit to his desperate mouth! He opens his mouth and eats her hard shit until the very last morsel!

Mistress Roberta – Tasty Shit Boot As Snack For Breakfast-pov

Today my toilet slave i have prepared another feast for you diarrhea on the over the knee boots i ware as a snack prior the breakfast diarrhea with little parts of hard shit that looks like little sosages so enjoy your food today is very diverse .