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Shit Was A Lot, The Taste And Smell Was Amazing

Shit was a lot, the taste and smell was amazing, I tried to swallow large portions to do everything quickly and not upset Christina – she does not like when I swallow a long time and she has to wait. When I ate everything, I was thirsty and with great pleasure drank urine!

Pissing On Her Big Belly

Pissing on her big belly

Funnel Drinking Pee!

She likes peeing on her slave, but she absolutely hates making a mess when she does that; she hates seeing her precious pee splattering all over the ground. She saw a video online of couples using funnels and tubes to conserve every last drop of pee so she sets about making her own out of used plastic. She calls for her slave and makes him assume the usual position; he lies down on the ground and waits for whatever she will do to him. She inserts the plastic tubing in his mouth and then squats over the funnel, making sure that her pussy is at the center of it. She unloads a healthy amount of pee which goes through the tube and runs straight to his mouth!

Outdoor Pissing

My mature wife makes a lot of pee outdoor. She is a real exhibitionist.