Extreme Cat Piss Food

Kimchi Shits

I had chili garlic tofu and kimchi last night for dinner. LetÂ’s just say it has come to take revenge. I have been editing clips all day and I really have to poop by this point. I take you with me to the bathroom and sit on the toilet. Oh, it BURNS! The poop cramps are very painful and you can tell I am in agony taking this shit! I hope you enjoy me suffering on the toilet.

Sensual Red Dress Poop

This is a sensual, EFRO style front-facing poop clip. I start off in a sexy red dress, telling you how badly I need to use the toilet. I had a massive meal last night and I can feel it pushing to come out. Then I take the dress off, showing you my red and black lacy matching underwear. I sensually strip, taking my bra off, showing off my big natural DDDs and bouncing them for you. Then I bend over, slide my thong down and spread my ass cheeks showing you my tight little hole which is about to be stretched out by my big log. Before I get on the toilet I need to fart though. I show you my asshole as I fart three times, then I climb onto the toilet. I’m in a squatting position, my whole body is visible head to toe and I pee a little as I start pushing the log out. I push out a medium sized thick log and it makes a loud splash as it hits the water. I moan with pleasure and relief as it leaves my body. I show you the log in the toilet bowl, come and find out if it’s a floater or a sinker! Then I wipe, showing you the toilet paper with my skid marks on it and show you what’s in the toilet bowl again, my log and my skid marked toilet paper. Then I flush, wash my hands and show you my asshole, slightly stretched out from the log I just pushed out.

Bizarre Fuck With Tattooed Guy – 2

My wife, a handsome tattooed guy and a lot of pee and poop.