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Dirty Dildo

A woman starts with a sexy striptease, uses her dildo on her pussy, then bends over and put the dildo in her ass. She then pushes out a shit and wipes her dirty dildo on her ass. Music plays throughout the video.

Lia Boo’s Last Stand

Lia Boo is a an original Lady on the site. This sexy dyke is who introduced us all to Lil Stink as well. Lia is in the wind, but her are some of her final Clips. Get three great scenes and over 20 min of action for the price of one!! In the 1st scene, Lia Lets loose in a public toilet at work…I am sure they could here her throughout the restaurant grunting and straining as she handles her buisness! in the two bonus scenes, watch two great SUPER LOUD! SUPER EXPLOSIVE scenes at her house. She was rushing to the toilet and didn’t setup the camera at the best angles in these two, but man the Sounds coming from her grunting and the noises coming out her ass in these clips will make you blow a head gasket!! Over 20 minutes of action for a great price!! And wait to you see what ‘destruction’ she made in each clip at the end!! You wouldn’t know a skinny girl like her could make such load!!!

A Disgusting Shit-snack

This video is simply disgusting, but if you have a strong stomach and you are not fussy, it can also be simply fantastic. Are you hungry? Do you usually eat the same things and you’re tired of the same flavors? Here is Demetra’s recipe for effortless cooking and for a truly alternative snack. Ok, let’s start with the ingredients! 1) A croissant 2) Two bunches of grapes 3) The shit of a young girl 4) Urine as condiment. If you’d like eating a disgusting and alternative shit-snack, this clip is for you. Bon Appetit!