Extreme Eating Many Shit

Mistress Roberta – Diarrhea And Diry Socks Job

Mistress Roberta make another great fetish movie today with socks job. In the first part, Mistress Roberta using her slave for a socks job, smelling, sniffing, licking and sucking her socks in his mouth until they are clean. Then she order her toilet to keep a plate under her pussy and asshole while she pissing and shitting another Diarrhea in it ! He must keep stroking all the time, thinking at his new meal. She continue to humiliate him verbally while he try to ingest the new fresh food from Goddess Roberta asshole !

Lenny, The Sweetest Shitgirl In The World…

Hey I am Lenny, studying Architecture in Copenhagen, and I am into shit….

Kv Monster Shit Sausage Saving Clip! Full

Here you see, shit in the mouth, with a monster shit sausage, as well as in the mouth piss scenes, from the full movie:Monster shit sausage for the slave mouth with shit eating and brushing teeth with Rosellas special toothpaste


Oxana is hot pooping sexy with yellow sexy shit!