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Scat Goddess – Mix Compilation Nr 6

One of the best Romanian Scat Goddesses you ever see in toilet movies. When she have something in her mind, the toilets are destroyed ! She is a hard Goddess who not accept anything else but catching her shit inside mouth, chewing very well, swallowing at her requests and eating without puke !! If something wrong can happened, toilets must eat also the puke or the shit they regurgitate. Her kaviar is divine and she is a vegetarian Scat Goddess and can produce big amounts of turds and shit. In her movies (in this compilations you will find another shitty movies ) she wanna be sure that her shit is not wasted on sheets and her personal toilet was trained enough to can swallow and accept her shit in his stomach. She is free dissease and all her toilets can eat everyday her Royal kaviar without problems. Buy this compilation and see her in action in many many different ocassions. She love to use and abuse her toilet with dirty words, and she hope in a good selling on this shop ! A great 6-th compilation you must have it, worth it !

Stuffed Eating With Scat And Piss From Goddess!

When looking at how amazing this girl looks, any guy would gladly sign up for a session with her. Except this guy doesn’t know everything about his session. He is about to embark on a totally new style of scatology sexuality! With a girl who’s looks are as good as this, its an easy introduction! His mouth is first stuffed with crushed food, both to make him gag and prepare him for his main course. After this, he gets his first look at her beautiful pussy. He looks up and expects to get to taste that pussy very soon. But he gets his first taste of a different variety! She releases her golden shower all over his face before sitting on his face and allowing him to both taste her, clean her and pleasure her at the same time and he is loving it! Would wouldn’t right? But then she raises herself a little to give him a better look, or so he thinks… she pushes and delivers her fresh shit right across his face and before he can complain, she face sits him again to make sure he gets the REAL taste of her insides!

Shit In Front Of Mirror

Well did you ever feel sweet to see me in this shit and get two views? Well then you are exactly right here.