Extreme Shiting Eating

Outdoor Pee!

see how im sexy during this 2 sexy sessions. i relax myself on a public park, then i get horny and remove my panty and start to touch myself and pee on the grass.the other clip see me while i do yoga in the garden and PEE into my leggins

Mistress Gaia Lunch Is Served

The cameraman slave has not yet arrived, so I put myself in front of the camera to make the video, depraved worms. It ‘s time for lunch, so what’ s better than a plate of shit served directly from your Mistress? It is ‘a ‘mousse au pee-blond-2013’, a delicacy by great chef that you cannot give up! Look upon my shit, as it comes out of my ass: soft and compact, fragrant, scented, hot at the right point.

Piss Drink 23

Bizarr Lady Jessica has invited her slave Ulf for a special cocktail. He gets by the glassful her piss directly of the source and this one must glasses fully of her golden piss drink one up after the other