Ey Toilet Slave Just Swallow

Swallow Shit In The Throat

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Shit Scrub With Mistress Victoria

Today Mistress Victoria is making a shit scrub to the slave on the face first while she is pooping and after feeding him and spread the shit from the face filling all his chest, belly, cock and balls even a bit of cbt involved, enjoy!

Shitty Diarrheea In Green Pantyhose After Humiliation

Goddess humiliate her toilet slave before she feeding him. She get a few of her toys and use them in his asshole, At the end, Mistress was going in to bathtub and put a pair of green pantyhose and shit in them a huuuuge Diarrhea. Epic movie for Diarrhea fun lovers and shitting in hosiery

A Long And Wide Turd In Your Mouth!

See how I make you put your ugly face under my toilet chair, I let fall a big piece of shit right in your mouth and you have to eat it, chewing slowly for me.Enjoy it, pig!